A paradisiac microfilm, rolling out 80’s indebted dream pop in the modern world. It's a musical blood bond that bridges through a lo-flow perception packed with soothing anamnesis. #giveitaspinGR #earcandy

Ghostcalls is the first of several singles to be released in 2016 from Seattle duo Perfect Families. Following the release of their full-length, self-produced album in 2015, writing partners and brothers Micah and Joel Smith have decided to dive deeper into the bleary electronic sounds they subtly touched on in their earlier work. For the last three years the band has been building a steadfast following in the Pacific Northwest performing regularly in Seattle and Portland. Their live show features Raven Macdaniels on guitar, Tamir Rawlings on drums, and Joseph Oakes on bass guitar. My heart just melted into bits just as my fingertips hit the play button. Time to expand the endless journeys of relative retrospection especially if you love Wild Nothings, Lower Dens or Death Cab for Cutie!

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