[content]When a cover of Nick Drake blinks on the radar, solitude and melancholia are a chapter of a fresh book that's about to be opened. This is where talented Israeli singer Jozzef steps in our plot today, warming our heart with pastoral colors as his voice can carry you away from the legend to a different future memoir of heartfelt songs played over and over again. With a haze of ambition, after gaining great reviews and positive momentum for his first video (War Is Over) the indie folk-pop virtuoso just released the next single from his striking debut album, and is about to embark on a European tour to promote his music to new fans. [/content]
The original minimal arrangements, enjoy a rich layered production treatment pinching an extra glimmer to the skies. (as it develops through the end, the chills get greater) This version is a labour of love and tribute to the man of a giant heart that changed the cult folk scene forever. Jozzef caught our attention the best way possible enigmatic, elegant and captivating from the very first of seconds. After playing the electric guitar for some of the biggest names in the industry over the years he chooses to start this journey solo. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Beck, Radiohead and others, he creates a full range of sounds for you to love, from soft caresses to vibrant intensities some of which feature mesmerizing string arrangements.
"Oh they come, and go"... always remember your place in time and feelings will flow..

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The needle is in the middle of the week although it always seems like a Friday, summer feels never ending and all you want is to sit back,relax and have a break from reality. I've got just the deal for you, 5 tracks in a row to dwell off until our next episode! Share the love! You can read a mini review of each track or just stick to the full playlist down below.

[content] Alma is only 21yrs of age, but she knows how to trip the hope in our soul. Everything is so darn catchy in a very intellectual way. A Portsishead vibe is echoing in the distance, sometimes it's a good thing right, especially when sweets and sours are in balance! There is a great story for you on Wicked Records to connect with her flourishing career. Alma is exquisitely talented and I hope one day will hit the "great" charts hard. Catch the official video here directed and produced by visual artist Nim Sundström (having a Bond-vibe)..Sensual down-tempo just hit our roof today, and it's staying hot.
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[content] Woolsoul is a sweater I would always want to keep on my ears. Two musical souls have merged into one. Xhavi and Humphrey Bates are playing with my mind today, they could even be on the Clown & Sunset roster and you couldn't tell the difference! What I love the most, infused electronic-house beats with a rock flavor and an ambient feel. We arrive in Montreal to meet the duo on this trippy flight. As they have just started playing in some bars and clubs around the city promoting their new unique persona, everything is fresh and promising. If you've got great old-school samples and loads of loud and groovy bass, nothing can go wrong. Spread the love of this recipe, I know these guys will be playing in a festival one day...between 2-5am. Woolsoul I think you're going to need a new facebook profile for your most international fans!
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[content] Eden Warsaw, no I'm not leaving just yet! How could I with your captivating sounds! Canada has a tradition in bringing us great music. Let this big promising wave hit you, cleanse your senses with beautiful alternative pop. Completely forging a unique sound with strings, acoustic and a thick electronic ambience over an 808, the song builds to a chaotic ending asking the question 'Will we ever know?... Eden recently released his debut album which you can download here or buy here. It was engineered by multiple Juno award winner Carmon Barry, and mastered by Joao Carvalho. Don't foget to watch an Introduction to Eden Warsaw on vimeo a delicious treat.
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[content] Illiterate Light, what a great band name. Nice to meet you! These guys just released 'Earthworm' which in one way or another, is about living with light and dark, clarity and mystery, duality and non-duality, death and life. Sure a "Fleet Foxes" note will hit you, without disturbing the waters. I love DIY Experimental Indie Rock Duo's from the Friendly City of Harrisonburg. It all started when Jeff Gorman met Jake Cochran in 2010 at a Flaming Lips concert and from then they jumped into the local music scene together, splitting time between organic farming and touring with several bands by bicycle. Affection, truth and memorability that's for dinner today!
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[content] Delicate Wonders if I could describe is our lesson for today. An album for keeps is what you'll get with the last of the plot. Modern Studies are a chamber pop band from Glasgow-via-Yorkshire. Their quietly experimental landscape songs are played on analogue synths, cello, double bass, drums, guitars, a wine-glass orchestra and, at the creaking centre of things, a Victorian pedal harmonium.The band came together in early 2015, when Glasgow songwriter Emily Scott recruited old pals and collaborators Pete Harvey (King Creosote, The Leg), Joe Smillie (boss of Glasgow’s The Glad Cafe) and Rob St. John. Working throughout the year at Pumpkinfield – Pete’s rural Perthshire studio – the band shaped a set of Emily’s skeleton songs, drawing largely from the salt and spray of the sea. This communal arts-und-crafts-werk resulted in their debut LP ‘Swell to Great’ (named after a stop on the wheezing old harmonium), which will be released on Song, by Toad Records of Edinburgh, Scotland in September. Try not to miss it!
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[youtube src="_VX2ih-zMxg"/] [content]Weinf is an artist I respect and would love to hang out with judging by the official video. The man meow-ing rock behind a mask, had captivated my soul after a few clicks on the internet. It's time for grizzled tunes to form familiar shapes, he just loves what he's doing like all the greats! Inspired by some of my favorites: Morphine, The Rolling Stones, Jack White, The Doors, Pink Floyd,John Frusciante, Bob Dylan and the list goes on! Watching "Bury me with my money" it's swaying in some sort of slow motion... that still is in tempo with everything, deliberately laidback and that's a generously figured hook, on the pace. After listening to some of Weinf's older escapades, you truly feel the direction of his musical heart. [/content]
[next] [content]A glide in crooning is always a chromatic melody in tempting formula, bringing down a self-warm innocence in any heavy electrified expectation. Treat yourself with a limited cassette released by Wiener Records. Don't ask me I already bowed on bandcamp. Couldn't resist the EP which consists of the title track, Miranda and one of my favorite Morphine songs as a cover for the lovers, "You Look Like Rain". [next]
This release follows "Requiem for Myself", Weinf's debut & conceptual LP that saw the light at the end of 2015. Enjoy some more music below, love share and support your most independent artists! Hey Weinf let's go backpacking in the blues/rock tundra sometime! Buenas noches mis amigos... [/content]
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