Life is genre-full!

00:14 An Ocean in Between the Waves
07:50 Baby Missiles
12:45 Eyes to the Wind
18:57 Under the Pressure
27:35 Burning
33:35 Red Eyes
40:05 Your Love Is Calling My Name
The Animator
46:42 Come to the City
54:30 Lost in the Dream

Director's Statement:
The concept for the video was born from a line in the chorus: "we experience the love that we think we deserve". It's a simple and eloquent lyric, one that I felt evoked a powerful sort of reflection and consideration. I was interested in how that line transcends the idea of romantic love, how it pushed the listener to consider the idea of love in much broader and more complex terms. To communicate this idea visually, the idea of nakedness came to mind immediately. Nudity is almost always sexualized in any sort of popular media, however the content of this track provided an opportunity to subvert that expectation – the focus instead placed upon nakedness in terms of honesty and vulnerability. I wanted these static nude portraits to act as their own relatively neutral canvases, creating the space for the viewer project the idea of the refrain –  "we experience the love that we think we deserve", onto these people, to consider/imagine the type of life these people have had, who and how they love and have been loved (friends, family, romantic partners), and ultimately, to come back to themselves regarding this same consideration.
- Kevan Funk

Braids "Deep In The Iris" LP
Out 04/28 on Arbutus Records / Flemish Eye.
Available here – (Worldwide)

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“I wanted to expose the two sides of the human struggle with religion. On the one hand, religious thinking is ridiculous and antiquated – it’s a destructive, divisive force – and, on the other hand, humans desire to believe in something higher than themselves and to relieve themselves of responsibility or the burden of a futile existence,” he said. “When you first remove religion or even just the vague idea of God from your life, it can be a huge existential struggle. This song is about that struggle, or rather my own struggle of trying to fill the spiritual void with other meaning.”

The last time we ft Desampa on the blog was in 2013
wow, time flies!
No matter who you are, if your soul shines through a mask,
then you've got a gift that's called humanity.

São Paulo-based singer and songwriter, DESAMPA premieres the music video for his
track "Waiting", off of his third release, "/// EP" (2015). The video is a visual guide to a
dark and dance track produced in collaboration with English producer iMC.

In the video, the artist wanders through infamous areas of São Paulo, his birth city, such
as Paulista Avenue (busiest avenue) and Minhocão (a bridge that sits above the city). He
dances and moves in front of the city and its inhabitants, like there was no one else

The track “Waiting” talks about an unrequited love, not because there is no attraction
between both people, but because they are in different dimensions. The video was
directed by Marlon Brambilla (Estúdio Carne), with costume by Mario Francisco, of the
Brazilian label Der Metropol.

“I wanted the clothes and the masks, in connection with the city’s lights, to translate what
I envision of a São Paulo from a not so distant future. But that may never come to be
so.”, says DESAMPA.

The 24 year old musician, works with an infusion of R&B, Soul and electronic music,
creating what’s called “Future Soul”. He is one of the four Brazilians that will attend Red
Bull Music Academy, to be held in Paris this year. 

Yesterday I was running,
running with the clouds I could nearly touch, out the window. Light sparkling through my face,taste buds bursting,filled up with pure white cotton candy.
It was the most beautiful naturalistic memory I was trying to hold on to. Stormily sunlight came again today with this album flowing through the heart of my ears.

"The story of Thunder Lay Down in the Heart begins with the poem “A Boy” written in 1956 by John Ashbery, well before he became the world renown, Pulitzer Prize winning poet we know him as today. In a rare collaboration, Tignor recorded Ashbery reading the work in his Chelsea apartment, surrounding it with his own original musical setting for strings that opens the record. A line from this poem became the title of Tignor’s twenty-minute work for string orchestra, electronics, and drums, featuring eminent Boston-based ensemble A Far Cry. The album’s B side continues the process of reinterpretation as Tignor electronically reimagines and remixes the title piece into “The Listening Machines” and “To Draw a Perfect Circle”, creating spellbinding ambient adventures derived directly from the tapes of this ensemble’s gut-wrenching virtuoso performance. Ending as we began with collaboration, the record’s final remix, “First, Impressions”, was created with composer / pianist Rachel Grimes (of Rachel's).

In the 90’s Christopher Tignor immersed himself in minimalism, working as an assistant for LaMonte Young while learning sound engineering on the job at a New York contemporary music festival produced by Philip Glass. He went on to refine his skills mixing live sound for bands at two of New York’s seminal clubs, CBGB’s and Brownies. During this time Tignor also studied computer science, developing his unique software instruments for processing sounds. He released, composed, and produced 3 albums with his band Slow Six, and two albums with his high-energy duo Wires Under Tension. Tignor has also contributed his skills as violinist and string arranger both in the studio and on tour to This Will Destroy You, John Congleton’s Nighty Nite, and Lymbyc Systym.

“Thunder Lay Down in the Heart” is Tignor’s second LP released under his own name following his much acclaimed 2009 Core Memory Unwound. This album explores the natural link between numerous musical disciplines including contemporary classical, ranging from John Adams to Aaron Copland to John Luther Adams, melodic rock, ambient drone music, and electronic experimental artists such as William Basinski."

 You stripped the message
You changed the frame
Washed it whiteAnd stole our name
Tried to slip away
Out the back door
Did you pull it off?
You cant be sure
Cause confusion
Hide behind
Lies impliedHollow out the cultural tieReplace it with your signifiersSo keep on down your ragged Mile
‘Cause we won’t be too far behind

And when you fall you’re gonna want to know who
Who it really was who took you downAnd when you fallWe’ll be there waiting for you
No- there’s no exit. You can’t turn around

When you got itYou forgot it was never yoursYou won’t know how but when it falls down
You’ll know exactly who we are

While you’re spending yourself,
We’re saving.While you’re playing yourself
We’re planning.
While you’re folding your hand,
We’re holdingWhere you’re ending yourself,
We begin.
While you’re sleeping on us,We’re stalking.When you jump at the gun,We stand. Still. (We’re still standing).

And when you fall you’re gonna want to know who
Who it really was who took you downAnd when you fallWe’ll be there waiting for you
There’s no exit. You can’t turn around

When you got itYou forgot it was never yours
No, you won’t know howBut when it falls downYou’ll know exactly who we are.

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch is an award-winning French pianist/ composer currently living in London. Spanning film score, bespoke composition and sound design, her work is connected by both its high quality and evocative, meticulous craft - a common sensibility of elegant, instinctual composition. Signed by FatCat’s post-classical imprint 130701, her first album, ‘Like Water Through the Sand’ is set for a November 2015 release.

It gets stronger inside of me
like the rain falling
on wet sand struggling to find a path in natures way..

Sam Shepherd is a classically trained musician and neuroscientist (and world famous DJ!) who makes electronic music under the name Floating Points. Luaka Bop is super proud to be releasing his first ever full length album, entitled "Eleania", on November 6, 2015. He has worked for the last five years on composing and recording this album. We think its incredible, and hope you will find that too. - See more at:

Sam Shepherd is a classically trained musician and neuroscientist (and world famous DJ!) who makes electronic music under the name Floating Points. Luaka Bop is super proud to be releasing his first ever full length album, entitled "Eleania", on November 6, 2015. He has worked for the last five years on composing and recording this album. We think its incredible, and hope you will find that too. - See more at:
Sam Shepherd is a classically trained musician and neuroscientist (and world famous DJ!) who makes electronic music under the name Floating Points. Luaka Bop is super proud to be releasing his first ever full length album, entitled "Eleania", on November 6, 2015. He has worked for the last five years on composing and recording this album. We think its incredible, and hope you will find that too. - See more at:
‘Silhouettes’ is comprised of music from ’Silhouettes (I, II & III) which is taken from the forthcoming album, 'Elaenia', released on 6th November 2015 via Pluto in the UK/ ROW, Luaka Bop in N&S America, Inertia in AU/ NZ & Beatink in Japan.

A message from the Directors:
An oscillating stream of light attempts to intrude on an arid natural landscape, abstract light and a living environment merge, reacting to the dynamics of the music.
The luminous abstract forms are produced by a light painting machine that, frame by frame, draws in a real environment the 3D animated figures.
This is an experimental video created by Pablo Barquín, Junior Martínez, Nathan Grimes and Anna Diaz Ortuño.

Follow Floating Points:

The most beautiful video
to start your Friday.

"I come, I come, why dost thou call for me?"

Taken from the Patrick Bishop EP out September 18th on Bellaphon.

Produced by Lukas Iselin (
Mixed by Marco Jeger (
Mastered by Oli Bösch (Livingroomstudio)

"I spent months trying to scan all these images & letters, most covered with ocean dirt, and in doing so discovered what people often find in their family's past: that they are a hell of a lot like those who'd come before," says Kolenik. The chorus of standout "Boys Life" echoes this sentiment with the refrain "pictures of youth/picturing you," over a track that itself was an old demo re-discovered by accident by the band, during a late night jam session at a cabin in Upstate NY.

You can find London's "Girlhood" debut only on soundcloud-twitter...
They are massive and radio friendly....
90s00s beats revival treats and brave feelings...
we want an album soon.

 Track from the new Carter Tutti Void studio album f (x). Released 11th Sept 2015

So do they make love songs like this anymore?
Send me a youtube comment :D


"It's important that we stay strong".....
"I tell them, that the past don't matter, the money don't matter to me"
Parra for Cuva Nieve ‪#‎giveitaspin‬

Drawing from the leftfield avant-pop of Arthur Russell and Talking Heads, progressive disco of Nile Rodgers and contemporary ambient electronica, Retiree channel these influences through their own pervasive aura of rum-drunk antipodean sunshine. The result is music that is in equal parts lush, thoughtful melody and meditative tropical rhythm.

The EP sees joint international release between Rhythm Section International and Plastic World - purveyors of southern hemisphere groove-driven underground pop (GL, Savoir). 

I'm so happy to see Andras collab!
I could tell from the vibes....

8 years of Bliss* bar & music
life memories

 Freebee folder in mixcloud comments (49 songs +1 happy mix for the souls memories)
Leave a wish :D

17:06 : The Cuban Brothers - Ace Of Spades
17:17 : Kid Loco - The Passenger
17:22 : Panama Cardoon - Moliendo Cafe
17:24 : Andrews Sisters - Rum and Coca-Cola
17:27 : Jacqui Naylor - Lola
17:30 : Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Hey Ya
17:34 : Belleruche - Anything You Want (Not That)
17:37 : Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Dan Lissvik Remix)
17:40 : Jack Peñate - Tonight's Today
17:43 : Bob Marley & The Wailers - Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix)
17:46 : Nightmares On Wax - Now Is The Time
17:49 : Karl Zero - Karl Zero - Varka Sto Yalo
17:53 : Arrested Development - People Everyday
17:56 : Jamie xx - Loud Places [ft. Romy]
18:00 : Faithless - Muhammad Ali
18:04 : Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars
18:07 : Mau Kilauea - Baz Luhrmann - Wear Sunscreen (Mau Kilauea's Tropical Remix)
18:14 : Stardust (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Re-Work) - Music Sounds Better With You - Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Re-work
18:19 : Auditors Domination - Rempeto
18:22 : Afternoons in Stereo - Soul Sugar
18:25 : Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
18:28 : Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Hot Chip Remix)
18:33 : Sebastien Tellier - Comment Revoir Oursinet ? (Cesare Remix)
18:36 : Fatboy Slim - Praise You
18:41 : New Order - 60 mph
18:45 : Thomas Dybdahl - This Love Is Here To Stay
18:48 : Asaf Avidan - Different Pulses (Joris Delacroix Remix)
18:52 : CRAZY P - Walk Dance Talk Sing
19:03 : Kvita - The Martlet's tale
19:07 : incontroL, stabfinger, sir sway -dj mart one, louis armstrong
19:11 : Michael Franti & Spearhead - Shake It
19:15 : - Ryan Adams - Wonderwall (Hannes Fischer Remix)
19:19 : air - alpha beta gaga (mark ronson remix feat rhymefest)
19:22 : Cayetano meets The Commodores - Easy
19:26 : --------------------
19:29 : -------------------
19:33 : Dakis - Koritsi Stasou Na Sou Po (Senior Citizens Mix)
19:37 : Club Des Belugas - What Is Jazz (Tape Five Remix)
19:41 : original tropicana steel band - spanish hustle
19:45 : Folk & Røvere - FotiHouse
19:50 : Deee-Lite - Groove Is In Jah Heart
19:53 : The Whispers - And The Beat Goes On (12 Inch Disco Single)
20:00 : Quantic - Time Is the Enemy
20:04 : Orbital - Belfast
20:08 : Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance
20:12 : 10000 Maniacs - Everyday Is Like Sunday (smiths)
20:15 : Black Yaya - Paint a Smile on Me
20:20 : Grandmaster Flash - White Lines (Don't Do It)
20:26 : chemical brothers - hey boy hey girl / The Chemical Brothers
20:31 : Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Original Mix)
20:34 : Faithless - Insomnia
20:38 : fluke - Reeferendrum
20:41 : unkle - in a state (sasha rmx)
20:43 : ebtg - lullaby of clubland (jay sinister sealee remix)
20:47 : Editors - Camera (Oakenfold Remix)
20:52 : Ellen Allien and Apparat - A1 Way Out (Dance Remix)
20:55 : Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Sam La More remix)
20:58 : erasure - breathe (pete hellers phela mix)
21:02 : Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease (Shake It More Edit Telam Project Mix)
21:04 : Faze Action - Moving Cities
21:10 : Daft Punk - Around the World 2009 (Alive Re-Edit)
21:12 : David Bowie - Lets Dance (remix)
21:16 : deelite - deelite - groove is in the heart
21:20 : Madonna - Music (Album version)
21:24 : Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have Fun
21:27 : Patti Smith - Because The Night
21:30 : Pet Shop Boys - It‘s A Sin
21:35 : Laura Branigan - Sefl Control
21:39 : O M D - Enola Gay
21:42 : Visage - Fade To Grey
21:46 : WOLFSHEIM - Kein Zuruck
21:51 : Schiller mit Heppner - I Feel You
21:56 : Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
22:00 : Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
22:04 : prince - kiss
22:07 : queen - i want to break free
22:11 : Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Remix)
22:16 : The Source Feat. Candi Station - You Got The Love (New Voyager Radio Edit)
22:19 : Dead Man's Bones - Lose Your Soul (Turbotito Remix)
22:23 : DJ Ozyboy - Swing Me Do
22:27 : (Kostas Boutsas) - Fsst Mpoing
22:28 : Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - The Night (7" Mix)
22:31 : Dr. Packer & Casual Connection - Party Uptown
22:37 : Arrested Development vs Quantic Nickodemus - Swinging Everyday (Daigo Re-Bake)
22:41 : Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans [Gesaffelstein Remix]
22:45 : ODESZA - Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Hayden James Remix)
22:49 : Maya Jane Coles - Something In The Air (Bonobo Remix)
22:55 : Astro Raph - 2 People
22:59 : Skatebard - June Nights Out Of Siena
23:03 : underworld - born slippy (original mix)
23:07 : Kosheen - Hide U
23:10 : Todd Terje - Alfonso Muskedunder (Mungolian Jetset Remix)
23:16 : Bomba Titinka - Mambo italiano
23:19 : Helene Smith - You Got To Be A Man (Teza Cappuccino Remix)[5A]
23:22 : ---------------
23:25 : Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Original 12 inch) - Lulu Rouge Edit
23:30 : Inner Life - Inner Life - Aint No Mountain High Enough (Larry Levans Garage Mix) - 1981
23:33 : -------------
23:38 : Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
23:41 : Peter Heppner - No Matter What It Takes
23:44 : The Cure - Boy's Don't Cry
23:46 : Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love
23:49 : Smiths - Big Mouth Strikes Again
23:52 : CHURCH - UNDER THE milky WAY
23:57 : james - lose control
00:00 : Iggy Pop - The Passenger
00:05 : Placebo - The Bitter End
00:08 : Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
00:11 : Holly Golightly - 13 - There's An End
00:14 : Monsieur Minimal - Love Story
00:17 : Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Gigamesh Edit)
00:22 : Ben E King - Stand By Me (Senior Citizens Mix)
00:26 : George Benson Ft. Mell Starr - Give Me The Night (Starr Revisit)
00:31 : chico mann - dilo como yo (te estan llamand)
00:32 : ------------------------------
00:35 : KLF - Doctorin' The Tardis
00:38 : Yoav - Club Thing (RAC Remix)
00:43 : Moloko - Sing It Back
00:47 : royksopp - what else is there
00:51 : The Knife - Marble House (live)
00:55 : Faithless - A Kind of Peace Feat. Cat Power
00:59 : Darkside - Paper Trails (Creange remix)
01:03 : ------------------------
01:07 : Kent - Music Non Stop
01:11 : down to dusk 2003 - radiohead - street spirit
01:15 : Kemopetrol - Child Is My Name
01:19 : Paul White - Where You Gonna Go?
01:23 : Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line [Dorfmeister vs. MDLA Dub]
01:28 : ------------------------
01:31 : ---------------------------------
01:34 : Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - Cumbia Sobre El Mar
01:39 : ------------------------------
01:42 : Pink Martini - Symphatique
01:45 : Quantic - Dub Y Guaguanco
01:49 : - 19 - skarra mucci ft. weedy g soundforce - my sound
01:52 : Tom Showtime - Re-Express Yourself (Charles Wright vs NWA)
01:55 : Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Hot Chip Remix)
02:00 : The Havana Boys - Acapulco burnin'
02:03 : 09 Doctor Rockit - Cafe de Flore (Charles Webster s mix)
02:07 : Parov Stelar - Summertime (feat. Maya Bensalem)
02:11 : Kelis - Rumble (Breach Remix)
02:14 : Corbu - We Are Sound (Charles Webster Eclectic Mix)
02:18 : DJ Mitsu the Beats - Intro (Grooveman Spot Remix)
02:24 : 18 kalokairia meta - august moon (unknown mix)
02:27 : Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rebup)
02:35 : Soul Clap - Misty (feat. Robert Owens) [Club Mix]
02:41 : DARKSIDE - Paper Trails (Creange remix)
02:46 : Nick Waterhouse - This Is A Game
02:49 : Sound Defects - Angels
02:53 : Nightmares on Wax - Les Nuits
02:56 : Kraak & Smaak - Forget About You feat. Lee Fields (Max Sedgley Remix)
03:00 : The Q4 - One Of These Days
03:03 : Fauve - Kane
...μετα δε θυμαμαι...το'χασα...