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A side
jean pierre mirouze-lovers party
uschi bruning-hochzeitsnacht (christian edit)
Todd Terje- Alfonso Muskedunder ( Deetron remix)
Funky Destination-Little Darling
BB King vs Wax-tailor-This train is gone
Ambient Jazz Ensemble-The Journey ( Leftside Wobble Garden of Earthly Delights remix)
Saun & Starr-Sunshine (you're blowin' my cool)
Freedom Express-Get down
James Brown-Blind Man Can See ( Serge Gamesburg re-edit)
Boca 45-45 Live
Chinese Man-The Reminder
Johanna Billing vs Arthur Russell- This is how we walk on the moon
Lomovolokno-At least never remixes ( Yosi Horikawa remix)
Steve Reich 2x5 Movement III- Fast ( Vakula remix)
Gioumourtzina x Tendts-Η πόλη μας ανήκει
Patrick Cowley-Nightcrawler
Nicolas Jaar-No one is looking at u
Future Islands- A song for our grandfathers
Esoteric Sob & Figurant - summer waves
Mogwai-No medicine for regret
Hugo Race and The True Spirit-elevate my love
Yahoos-Mabala ( Fink remix)

The French Touch Connection is pulling together some fantastic work on the label!
Just sneak peaked in my promo mail, Monsieur Grandin's upcoming album, and i must say it's insanely fantastic!
I'll tell you more in a few days, when it's
coming near us on the 26th of May officially!
It's an album full of tales that's challenging until the finish line, that's exactly when you press repeat again to re-extract the feelings off the songs whether you believe in light or dark forces of the  brain.Although the album bonds together full on down an adventurous path, each song has a temperamental statement of its own, just pick your favorite beat, treat or melody!
 "The Shadow of Plastic Tree"
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I seriously need to learn some French, I really wasn't listening to my high school teacher at all, but to my walkman!
If your reading this blog and your in France, greetings from hot Thessaloniki and go to the below gig!

Well you know how much i love tashaki miyaki band!  They treat us well magically covering: The Buzzcoks, Berlin, Prince,  The Kinks, Velvet Underground and Nico, Anne Peebles etc.. If this is fun, as they say I'm in coverlover heaven for days to come! They love playing dreamy pop, garage, lofi and psychedelic to create a reality of past heroic pleasures into future addiction!

"While we were recording our upcoming debut full-length we had some time in the studio to recorded these tracks for fun along the way," explains Lucy Tashaki. "We thought this would be a great opportunity to give to our fans for free while we put the finishing touches on our record which will be out later this year."


kinky exciting laidback monday

Totally Mild are a four-piece based in Melbourne, Australia. Fronted by Elizabeth Mitchell, a woman with an exciting tendency to sing in a falsetto not many can match, the band perform absolutely perfect, skewed, disjointed pop music that sounds as though it was handed down from the heavens.

Zachary Schneider (Full Ugly, The Great Outdoors) follows close behind on lead guitar, his lines interlocking with Mitchell’s to form a structural frame. This is matched by Lehmann Smith (Kes Band) and Ashley Bundang’s rhythm section, an enigma in itself. The playing is sparse, accentuation perfect. The end result has got us wetting our pants.
Since developing out of Mitchell’s solo project of the same name, Totally Mild have put Melbourne into a spin. They perform to fans who know the words to every song, and have been singled out to support the likes of Real Estate, Laura Jean and The Harpoons.
The band also have an armament of Australia’s finest talent behind them, with album artwork courtesy of Darren Sylvester, and music videos produced by Geoffrey O’Connor, Xanthe Dobbie and Nina Renee.
Down Time will be Totally Mild’s full-length debut, and is sure to rock the metaphorical boat of Australian music. This is one we’ve been excited about since first listen, and couldn’t press more strongly upon you. Close your eyes and listen to those harmonies! Oh bliss! Oh ecstasy! Oh joy!

In the red hot summer of our truth,
our hidden emotions,
burst out with a big promising "summer wave
that washes up the fears
and makes our hearts feel tender again
it all has to do with the harmonics of the beat.

Esoteric Sob​ and Figurant​ create a beautiful two-side limited tape soundtrack (55 copies!) full of summerish-emotions, the ones that hold us back a minute but magically plunder us into the near future, full of our hearts desire!

My heart is walking barefoot in the sand
while my thoughts drop down and travel with the wind,
i can listen to all the shades of music shining... 
reflecting matter into mass.

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Esoteric Sob is the alias of John Trifonopoulos, an electronic music artist based in Greece. Dreamy, experimental sound, with nostalgic vibes.
Figurant Is Christos Panagiotakis, a Singer-Songwriter/Ambient artist.
Influenced by nature & his love for trees he constructs melodies and magical soundscapes. 

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rip BB King (1925-2015)
SING SING THANKSGIVING (1974)  is the one of the greatest concert events ever captured on film. On Thanksgiving day, B.B. King and his full band and Joan Baez and her sister, the late Mimi Farina, spent the day with the inmates of New York’s maximum security prison, Sing Sing. The film shows it all including the concert. Joan Baez, B.B. King, The Voices of East Harlem, Jimmy Walker and the prison inmates combined to make music, tell stories and so much more. B.B. King felt this was the best concert he ever gave. The program presents the relationship between inmates and officers, giving insight to both sides.

Out May 19th on reissue imprint, Ever-Soul Records.

The Poets of Rhythm, long heralded explorers into the twisting frontiers of psychedelic soul jazz, bravely venture forth into newly discovered sonic territories, taking us on a journey down into the deepest valleys and up over the dizzying peaks of the rhythmic poetry they so affectionately call their homeland. Both cuts are from the Discern and Define sessions, though the A-side had been previously unreleased before Daptone’s Anthology, and appears here for the first time on 45.

It's on repeat...

The last recording of the late Chiwoniso Maraire.
A gorgeous, stirring version of the song made popular by Thomas Mapfumo, hypnotically blending twin vocals, tschushing hosho percussion and layers of interweaving mbira melodies… straight from the heart.

Listen to a remix

296 unique copies (different colors for each) signed and numbered by Zimbabwean painter Misheck Masamvu + a nice portrait / liner notes insert. http://www.sofarecords.fr/

Horizontalism out on R'COUP'D May 18. 

lost in translation